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math I was born at the top of a small hill where magical flowers surround a tiny little cottage called casotto . I immediately fell in love with the magic of nature, animals, and music, singing and dancing all the time! In Italian! The little casotto can be found in a small village called San Carlo, near Asti, Italy in the hills of a beautiful natural park. I love my casotto! That’s the place where I get inspired: I write my songs and my shows! I love traveling all around Italy and discover its history and traditions! I love biking, swimming, cooking and taking care of my farmhouse. I love fashion dresses, hats and shoes. I love sports.

Award winning production

wedding-orders La Fata Italiana The Italian Fairy® is an edu-tainment language-through-music program for young children created by the Italian native singer and actress and award-winning language educator, Simona Rodano. La Fata Italiana The Italian Fairy® is a product of Incanto Productions, Corp. Visit The Italian Fairy shop! Cds, DVDs, and much more!!!

TV and Live Shows

birthday-parties La Fata Italiana The Italian Fairy® program is available via interactive live shows for schools and families, in-schools shows and workshops. For more information write to : incanto@incantoproductions.com.